A Good Neighbor

As I was out on my morning walk today I came upon a very large, white, pit bull mix. I was walking a regular route and I’ve not seen this dog before. There was another dog in the back yard. I never can see that dog as the fence is hidden by dense brush and trees. I can always hear it bark though and hear his big chain dragging on the ground. I always think to myself that I’m glad he is chained and fenced in.

I believe the dog that was loose belonged to the same house as he ran around to the front of the house. I immediately turned around and headed back in the direction I came from. I would have had another 10 minutes if I could have stayed on my course. Since I was frightened by the dog I decided I would just repeat the route I had just completed. I walked back to the main road and turned around at the stop sign and headed east on my course again to cover the same distance I had just walked.

Unfortunately as I got back to the same spot the big white dog was still there and he was staring at me and barking at me. I needed to turn back to go home but was not about to walk past this beast. My legs were about to turn to jelly and I’m trying to think how I am going to protect myself from such a large dog. I will admit, I am terrified of big dogs. I was bitten by a large dog as a child and I haven’t forgotten the pain or the terror. It’s a most helpless feeling and when they attack they are lightening fast!

I have been walking this route for a very long time and have never seen this dog. I do see the same people and cars almost daily as they are traveling the road I walk. I rarely see their faces, mainly I see their cars and I always give a little wave, regardless of which direction they are traveling. I like to let them know I hear them and I appreciate them moving over for me too. Anyway….less than a half block from where I walked past the dog I saw a familiar pickup. I waved a full arm up in the air wave, hoping he would sense the urgency and stop. He didn’t, so I motioned for him to stop and he did. I already knew I was going to ask him to drive me past the place where the dog was and let me out.

All the while my mind is racing ninety miles an hour. I’m thinking if I get in the car with this guy it could be far more dangerous than a potential dog attack. At the same time I’m doing a mental assement of him and his vehicle. It a small older pickup, no power window or power door locks. If I have to I can jump out.

Now you are getting the idea of how terrified I am of being attacked by a large dog. I guess I figured I have a better chance of fighting off a person if the need arose. As it turns out he was extremely nice and polite. He drove a short distance past the dog, (enough that I felt safe) and let me out. He asked “are you sure this is far enough?” I replied “I think so, just watch in your rear view mirror” and gave a nervous laugh.

I don’t know who he was but perhaps someone will read this that knows him and if he relates to someone else how he picked up a frightened walker this morning they can tell him how very much I appreciate his act of kindness.

He was a Good Samaritan, and his act of kindness will always be remembered.

Now for a little ranting… I get so irritated with irresponsible pet owners. There are leash laws almost everywhere, if you don’t want to keep your dog on a leash, then build a fence. The news is full of people who have been attacked by dogs because of irresponsible owners and the courts are full with lawsuits due to dog bites/attacks. Your dog is never as harmless as you would like to think. They are animals and animals can be very unpredictable.

I spend my walks in prayer and conversation with God. I always ask him to keep me safe and I always thank him that he does. Praising Him today and always!

Ps 91:11 For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.