Bathroom Crisis 101

Note to Self… Be prepared!

I’ve never thought I needed to keep tools in the bathroom; that is until two nights ago. If my memory is correct it was last Thursday when I noticed what I thought was the bathroom door sticking. As hundreds of times before, I turned the knob and pulled to open the door and exit the room. This time the door didn’t budge! A couple of more pulls and it finally opened. I briefly thought that’s weird as it had never happened before. Over the next few days I had the same experience and finally asked my husband if he had noticed the door sticking and he hadn’t.

At 2:30am Monday morning after my visit to the restroom and more asleep than awake I turned the knob and tried to open the door. It didn’t budge. I tried enough times to get the door open that I woke Larry with the constant turning and tugging. I’m watching the latch and it isn’t moving at all, it’s completely stationary inside the strike plate. At this point Larry is trying to open the door from his side and it isn’t budging.

I’m fully awake by now and looking at the pins on the door. I know how to take them out, I just don’t have anything to take them out with. I’m trying to think what implement or gadget I have in my bathroom or closet that I can pry those pins out with. I’m also thinking this is not good, what if I was home alone. My cell phone was charging on the kitchen counter, I didn’t have any tools with which to get the pins out of the door, I can’t call for help. I needed a Plan B.

By now Larry is working on trying to get me out. First he tries twisting and turning the knob and pulling on the door from his side. Then he tired the key. Finally he got a small sharp paring knife and was able to push the latch back enough to get the door open. My hero!!!

By now we are both wide awake and it’s almost 3am. Crises over, we finally crawl back into bed and thankfully neither of us had a problem drifting off to sleep again. The door knob has been removed. Larry said the part that broke is a piece of plastic, all the while shaking his head saying “they don’t make things the way they used too.” Now we get to purchase a new knob.

I’m still not sure what my Plan B would have been, especially if I had of been alone. I suppose I would have, prayed a lot and tried my best to get those pins out so I could remove the door. If that failed then I would try and pry the door open somehow or bust it open. My last option would be to break the window out, yet it’s so thick I’m not sure I could.

If you ever see buzzards flying over your neighbor’s house, you may want to check to see if they are locked in their bathroom.

Oh, and that note to self. Put a few tools in the closet and start charging my phone in the bathroom. Lesson learned!!