The Inward Conversation of Christ with the Faithful Soul

I WILL hear what the Lord God will speak in me.

Blessed is the soul who hears the Lord speaking within her, who receives the word of consolation from His lips. Blessed are the ears that catch the accents of divine whispering, and pay no heed to the murmurings of this world. Blessed indeed are the ears that listen, not to the voice which sounds without, but to the truth which teaches within. Blessed are the eyes which are closed to exterior things and are fixed upon those which are interior. Blessed are they who penetrate inwardly, who try daily to prepare themselves more and more to understand mysteries. Blessed are they who long to give their time to God, and who cut themselves off from the hindrances of the world.

Consider these things, my soul, and close the door of your senses, so that you can hear what the Lord your God speaks within you. “I am your salvation,” says your Beloved. “I am your peace and your life. Remain with Me and you will find peace. Dismiss all passing things and seek the eternal. What are all temporal things but snares? And what help will all creatures be able to give you if you are deserted by the Creator?” Leave all these things, therefore, and make yourself pleasing and faithful to your Creator so that you may attain to true happiness.

This is from Thomas a Kempis: The Imitation of Christ I love reading his writings as they cause inward reflection.

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  1. December 19, 2011 at 10:03 pm

    Love this. I have been straining to hear Him speak to me lately. I know He is, but my head is swirling full of the world. Thanks for posting this.

    Thank you Sara! I completely understand. Last night I was allowed to see Him at work in my life. It was so wonderful. I have been praying for someone who I’ve not had a lot of closness with and twice in one week (including yesterday) this person has been a huge blessing to me.

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