We Said “I Do” and “We Did”… No Regrets!!

Larry and I are celebrating our thirty-first wedding anniversary today. In a way it doesn’t seem possible and in other ways it seems like we have always been together. He is a VERY good man, a spiritual man and he has always put our family and our needs before his own. I know I have been blessed beyond measure! I never imagined I could have someone love me the way he does and I truly thank God for him.

The following poem is from Day Spring Cards. It is a beautiful poem and aptly describes our journey, and the best is yet to be…

Shared Lives

Two trees…
a white oak and a red oak…
grew side by side, so close
 that after many years,
their trunks had joined as one.

Yet each retained its
own limbs, bright leaves
and brown acorns.

Throughout the years,
these trees shared the warm
spring rains, the carefree days
of summer and the glory of
autumn. Their leaves changed
with the seasons, adding beauty
to the forest around them.

They also shared the harsh times…the bitter cold
when winter came and
iced their limbs and made them break…the springtime storms
when the wind would push and pull and twist their limbs, tearing
their leaves away.
They weathered these difficult times, relying upon their combined strength and
sure-foundation oneness.

Our lives together have been like these
trees—one in essence, separate in specialness…
each depending on the other…sharing the happy times,
lending strength in difficult times.

As we continue to grow together,
I look forward to the blossoming of our dreams…
rooted in God, united in love…
with branches reaching up to Heaven.
As wonderful as the past has been,
the best is yet to be.


2 comments for “We Said “I Do” and “We Did”… No Regrets!!

  1. Greg England
    July 6, 2011 at 9:07 pm

    I figure after 36 years, we’ll probably stay together, but I never take that for granted! Congratulations, Janice. And thank you for the card you sent regarding my brother’s death. Much love!!!

    I agree. I have know of couples who divorced after 30+ years. It’s very sad and actually scary to think about. Thank you for the well wishes too!
    You are very welcome for the card. Wish I could do more.

  2. jel
    July 6, 2011 at 1:27 am

    happy Anniverary,

    I thought that we shared a anneverary date , guess not! ours was last friday. 🙂

    Thanks JEL!! Happy Belated Anniversary to you!

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