My Mother

She carried me under her heart…Loved me before I was born;…Took God’s hand in hers and walked through the valley of Shadows that I might live;…Bathed me when I was helpless…Clothed me when I was naked;…Gave me warm milk from her own body when I was hungry…Rocked me to sleep when I was weary…Pillowed me on pillows softer than down, and sang to me in the voice of an angel…Held my hand when I learned to walk…Nursed me when I was sick;…Suffered with my sorrow…Laughed with my joy…glowed with my triumph, and while I knelt at her side, she taught my lips to pray…Through all the days of my youth she gave strength for my weakness…courage for my despair, and hope to fill my hopeless heart;…Was loyal when others failed…Was true when tried by fire;…Was my friend when other friends were gone…Prayed for me through all the days, when flooded with sunshine or saddened by shadows;…Loved me when I was unlovely, and led me into man’s estate to walk triumphant on the King’s Highway and play a manly part…Though we lay down our lives for her we can never pay the debt we owe to our Precious Mother.

I have had this poem about 25 years. I don’t know who wrote it so I can’t give credit. It is a beautiful poem and I thought it quite appropriate to share it today in honor of our mom’s and Mother’s Day.

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  1. Greg England
    May 8, 2011 at 9:07 am

    That is very well written. Wish I’d had this during those years I preached and searched for something else or different to say on Mother’s Day. Thanks for sharing it, as it describes my wife to our children.

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