I Need Help…

A little over a week ago I installed an upgrade from my Norton subscription, from Norton 360 Premier v.3 to Norton 360 Premier v.4. Since that time I have not been able to download pictures from my camera, which is a Canon PowerShot A630.

I am not a computer guru. I joke that I know just enough to be dangerous. After checking all that I knew to check with no results, I uninstalled and reinstalled Zoom Browser EX from the CD that came with my camera. That didn’t solve the problem. I get a message which reads “cannot detect camera” when I try to download my pictures. My thoughts lean toward the possibility my drivers for the camera software have either been blocked or disappeared, although I’m not completely sold on that thought simply because when I try to use my camera to either take a picture or view ones I’ve already taken, there is a flashing green light. Being the creature that I am, I read directions. 😀  I checked my camera book and the flashing green light indicates the camera is either trying to download or transfer data. I’m now wondering if my camera needs some repair.

So there you have it…is it the camera, or are the drivers missing? If it is missing drivers I need help on where to find them (safely) for downloading them. If it’s the camera, should I repair it or purchase a new one. I know sometimes repairs can be more than the value. If I need a new one, what are your recommendations?

Thanks in advance! 🙂

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  1. May 12, 2010 at 2:33 pm

    I could have you talk with our three-year-old grandson. He seems to be able to do things on my iPhone that I can’t do! Sorry, but I’m not a tech person.

    Thanks anyway Greg. I think it is a problem with my camera. I installed Drive Whiz today and upgrade any drivers that were outdated. My camera drivers checked out ok. I expect Jackson would give it a good try.

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