Because Today Your're Going to Need a Father

This article is from our bulletin this past Sunday, Mothers Day, it was written by Russell Hill our minister. If you know Russell, you know he has a heart that is on fire for the Lord. He loves us and always encourages us. We are truly blessed to have him. I have read The Shack twice and loved it and I love Russell’s thoughts here. Enjoy…

If you have read The Shack, you’ll remember what “Papa” was like in the beginning. The main character, Mack, had a horrific event in his life that caused him to be bitter towards “Papa” a.k.a. God. Like so many of us that go through tragedy, Mack was holding “Papa” responsible. As the book unfolds, Mack is brought into the presence of the trinity and taken through a healing process. When Mack first meets “Papa”, God is VERY different than our traditional thinking. God is portrayed as a woman. I’ll have to confess as I read The Shack, I struggled with the way God was portrayed. I picture God as a mighty warrior that makes John Wayne look like a sissy, not a tender compassionate mother figure.

If I remember correctly, when Mack first meets “Papa”, he also struggled with God being a woman. “Papa” simply replied back to Mack, I am like this today because this is what you need me to be.

As Mack’s journey continues and healing takes place, his love for Papa grows deep and wide. One morning when Mack meets with “Papa”, he finds God standing next to him as a dignified older man. Before Mack can ask why he appeared differently, “Papa” gently said, “because today you’re going to need a father.” Let those words sink in – “because today you’re going to need a father.”

Let me share with you a thought that seems very inconsistent, “God never changes yet God is always changing.”

It is true God never changes. He says that numerous times. (Mal. 3:6 and Heb. 5:16-18) And yet God is always changing!

 He meets us where we are with what we need. Sometimes we need a warrior to fight for us and other times we need a healer to mend us. Sometimes we need a teacher to instruct us and other times we need a friend to cry on. Sometimes we need a father to discipline us and other times we need a mother to comfort us. God knows what we need and says to us “today you’re going to need a _________” (you fill in the blank!)

A.W. Tozer wrote, an infinite God can give all of Himself to each of His children. He does not distribute Himself that each may have a part, but to each one He gives all of Himself as fully as if there were no others.

And in that giving He changes himself into whatever role is most needed at that moment to redeem us even if it means changing himself to flesh!

Father, thank you that you are both unchanging and ever changing. As we express our love today for our mothers, would you help us to praise you for the words in Isaiah, “that you will carry us in your arms and dandle us on your knees as a mother does her children.” Amen.

Faithfully Yours,


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