Another Year Older


 I celebrated my threescore and one birthday Wednesday. Had a wonderful day, forty-five birthday wishes on FB, several cards from friends and family and several phone calls. It was really one of my best ever and we haven’t even gone out for my “birthday dinner” yet. One of my brothers and sister-in-law sent me the “Taste of Home” Annual Cookbook, they send it every year and I love getting it. One of my friends made me a beautiful winter bouquet for our home and another gave me a stunning glass red rooster and a red chicken on a basket. (I collect roosters and chickens.)

My youngest daughter Amy sends the greatest cards; usually they make me cry they are so beautiful and sentimental. She changed it up a bit this year and the card made me laugh till I nearly cried. On the front is a picture of a young girl, missing two teeth and flashing a scrunched up smile sporting very short bangs and it reads “So thankful you’re my Mom” and on the inside of the card “and no longer my beautician”. It was perfect and she obviously remembers the days of crooked bangs.

Wednesday we both had an appointment for our yearly eye exam, each of us passed with flying colors, my right eye has actually improved. I didn’t know they could get better at my age; but hey, I’m not complaining. Larry had very little change in his prescription, he decided, well actually I helped him decided 😉 that it was time for new frames.

Then yesterday I had my yearly wellness exam. My doctor was very pleased with my weight loss (and BTW as of this morning my total loss is 24 pounds…yay!). My blood pressure was great too, 124/88. I have not ever had high blood pressure and I’m very thankful I don’t. I will have my routine blood work done next week and my appointment with the boob crusher isn’t until January. I have mixed feelings about having this done. I decided against it last year. I got a bit upset when after the previous two appointments I was called back to repeat the exam and this was after being told how wonderful the “new digital technology” is. Of course I’m thinking they just want to bill my insurance company for two crushing episodes, err…I mean mammo’s, not to mention double exposure to the X-Rays.

After the joy (NOT!!) of all that “stuff” I had to make myself feel better, so of course I went shopping. For several years now Larry and I decided not to buy each other birthday or Christmas gifts. Neither of us really needs anything and if we want something for ourselves or the house we just purchase it throughout the year. I found a nice pair of shoes, a pair of earrings and some socks. I spent a couple of hours wandering from store to store just touching, feeling and admiring things. I saw a couple of leather jackets that really caught my eye but I wasn’t willing to pay the $$$ for them and I looked at many purses, one of my big weakness, and again… the ones I liked were more than I wanted to pay. I did purchase a new wallet; my other one is pretty worn out.

I get a bit irritated when I see some of the ‘supposedly’ sales. I mean really; I find it hard to believe that an item is marked down from $212.00 to $59.99. Do you believe those kinds of savings??? I have a hard time falling for a discount like that. Sounds like government talk to me!

All in all I had a great birthday and am very excited that by this time next year (Lord willing) I will be signed up for my first Social Security Check. Hey, a girl might as well enjoy/anticipate the joys of her golden years. 🙂 And…I still have a birthday dinner to look forward to!

3 comments for “Another Year Older

  1. Meowmix
    December 15, 2009 at 8:26 am

    Jance, if you and I had been in the same town, we would have graduated from the same class! I’ll celebrate that birthday in February. I, too, am looking forward to the next birthday when SS will kick in with my retirement pension, and I won’t have to pay a CO-PAY when I go to the doctor. That will surely be nice. And I see another similarity between us in your penchant for purses! I’ve suffered much good-natured abuse through the years at the number of purses in the top of my closet!! 🙂

    I guess we are like fine wine, we get better with age 🙂

  2. jel
    December 11, 2009 at 9:11 pm

    glad ya had a good bday! 🙂

    and way to go on the 24 lbs 😉

  3. December 11, 2009 at 3:31 pm

    I guess if I invested any time at all into FaceBook I might have known it was your birthday. But that ain’t gonna happen, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Congrats, too, on the 24 pounds.

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