Cranberry Surprise

This is a very tasty dish to compliment your Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner. It may be served as a side or a dessert.

Cranberry Surprise

1-12 oz  package fresh cranberries-ground
1-6 oz package Raspberry Jell-O
2 cups water
½ package mini-marshmallows (8 oz)
½ cup chopped walnuts
1 cup shredded coconut
1 pint whipping cream*
1 cup sugar

Boil water, stir in jell-o until dissolved; add marshmallows and let cool until marshmallows are partially melted. When cool add cranberries, nuts and coconut. (I grind the cranberries in my food processor).

Whip the cream and slowly add the sugar. Fold into the above mixture and chill.

* You may substitute Cool Whip for the whipping cream. If you do then omit the cup of sugar.

My mom made this for holidays when I was a kid. It is mmm, mmm good!