Saturday At The Auction


Saturday we went to an auction at JR Collinsville Livestock Sales. We met Karla and Cheri, a couple of our dear friends there. Larry and I have not had a “play” day in a very long time and I guess I’m either a cheap date or very easily entertained because I LOVED every minute of the day. To coin a phrase I used in my younger days….I had a BLAST!!! My only regret, I didn’t think to take my camera with me.

The auction starts at 11:00 sharp and we were about 10 minutes late due to our lack of navigational skills. I’ve mentioned before we almost always get lost when we venture somewhere we haven’t been before. (Dee and Greg will love this bit of information, especially Dee)

Cheri had recently met the owner of the auction through her job and we had the pleasure of meeting him Saturday. His name is James Roderick. He and his family own and operate the Collinsville Sale Barn and they are actively involved in all of the business. His son, James “Bear” Roderick oversees livestock check-in and works the ring and Alicia Roderick, Bear’s wife is their Ring Clerk, she records the sale amount, livestock number and buyer information. Emalee, (James Sr.’s wife) is in the office, while James covers the rest, and I can only imagine what the “rest” is.

Brian Marlin is their professional auctioneer and he is quite good at what he does. Saturday there was an adorable little helper sitting with him, she looked to be 2 or 3 and at one point she turned the microphone all the way down. Brian never skipped a beat; he just turned it back on, had a little smile on his face and kept on watching the bidders and calling the numbers out. Chris George is the office manager. I expect there are others who work and help diligently behind the scenes. From the minute we walked in we were greeted with smiles, hello’s and howdy’s.

We watched the auction for quite sometime and I found it to be fascinating. The auctioneer did a marvelous job, although my ears can’t ‘hear that fast’. We were not there to purchase just to observe and it’s a good thing. By the time my brain caught up with what was going on, anything I would have wanted to bid on was already history. They were auctioning goats when we arrived.

It was so interesting to watch the whole process. Everything ran like a fine tuned machine. We saw some beautiful goats and cattle. Oh, how I wish I had remembered my camera. After watching the bidding for awhile we walked out to the catwalk to view all of the animals to be auctioned that day. It was on the catwalk that I provided the entertainment for Karla, Cheri and Larry. I do not like heights at all, especially when I can look down in any direction to see the ground. I was holding on with both hands, my heart was racing and my stomach had that sick feeling of fear churning around inside. I just kept reminding myself that God would take care of me and pretty soon I relaxed and enjoyed being up there.

Next we ventured into the land of good eats. If you have never eaten at an auction yard you must put it on your list of things to do. It’s down home cooking at its finest, and you get to meet and visit with some very nice people.

 Larry and I were not ready to eat a meal yet. Karla and Cheri both had some great hamburgers and Mr. Roderick graciously treated us to our choice of Homemade Cherry Pie, Apple Pie or Bread Pudding. Cheri and Karla shared a piece of the Cherry Pie and Larry had the apple. I took one bite of the Apple and it was delicious. Y’all remember I’m losing weight, so I was very disciplined… Cheri also mentioned the homemade rolls…big weakness for me, yet I resisted. Mr. Broderick also gave the four of us some very nice baseball caps, yep, that’s one in the picture I posted.

We had so much fun, I felt like a kid on an adventure! Afterwards we went to Bob and Cheri’s and visited a bit, then we went to Karla’s to pick up a cage she gave Larry for the chicken coop. When we got back into Skiatook we ate at Senor Salsa then went to mom’s for a nice visit. We got home after 7pm.

We plan on having more visits to the auction yard. If you haven’t been for a while or have never been, I strongly encourage you to find one in your area. It’s an outing the whole family can enjoy together.

3 comments for “Saturday At The Auction

  1. Karla
    September 29, 2009 at 10:10 pm

    It was a very fun day, wasn’t it? I like Ellen have fond remembrances of being at auctions with my dad. I used to be able to understand the auctioneer quite easily, but I think age has slowed down my hearing, because I too don’t “hear that fast.” Think I enjoyed the day because of my companions, and because I love animals; even their smells. Good memories are a blessing; recent memories and old memories. We need to take the time to enjoy more of God’s “simple” blessings. Thanks, Janice,

  2. September 29, 2009 at 6:24 pm

    You brought back some memories from many, many years ago in my life. It is fun!

  3. Ted
    September 29, 2009 at 3:02 pm

    This is Ellen…I remember when I was about 17 being at an auction with my dad…just absorbing …I thought, all that was going on.
    When the auction was over, Dad said, let’s go pick up that horse sis….”what horse”, I said? Sure enough dad won the bid on a very large appaloosa, a real beauty.

    I hope those are wonderful memories Ellen. I am just fascinated with the entire process.

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