Winding Down

We have reached another Friday, seems as if this week had wings and flew away.

I was in one of my closets today looking for something, (which I didn’t find) and saw the boxes and boxes of photographs which I keep intending to organize. I made a mental note to do that soon and as quickly as I did the thought came into my mind that I’m not promised tomorrow”. I pushed that thought away with this one; “then someone else will have to do it”.

I have what seems like a kajillion things to do today and so far I’m not making much progress. So I’m off to start some of my errands. Hope you all have a terrific weekend!

Enjoy this bit of humor


Travel is hard enough without the airline industry scaring us with their terminology.

As I drive to the airport, watching for the signs that indicate what exits to take, I wonder what sadist named the place where you trust your all to a creaking bunch of nuts and bolts Terminal.

When I check in at the counter, I remember this particular flight was chosen by my travel agent for one reason—it was the cheapest available.

When it’s time to land, why does the flight attendant have to remind us that we are making our final approach? (On a recent flight, the attendant announced reassuringly, “We will be in the ground very shortly.”)

When the flight attendant warns us not to move until the plane has reached a complete stop, I wonder what an incomplete stop would be like. (from 1001 Quotes)

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  1. August 29, 2009 at 1:56 am

    An incomplete stop is what my wife does at every stop sign when she’s driving.

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