The "Present"

Yesterday is the past, tomorrow is the future but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.

I have heard this quoted another way too. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. Today is the present, treat it as a gift.

Yesterday slipped away, I didn’t get to write; still it was a very productive and fun day. Larry, Mom and I had planned an outing to Tulsa to do some furniture shopping for mom.  We picked her up at 10 and she had her sunglasses on in the house, (She looked a bit like Ma Barker) which made me laugh until I found out one of the lens came out of her regular glasses. Her ophthalmologist is here in town so that turned out to be our first stop. They fixed her up and next we stopped at our local library to drop off all of our bundled newspapers for recycling and finally we headed to T-Town.

The first furniture store we visited was great. We were barely inside the store waiting for our eyes to adjust from being out in the bright sun when we were greeted by ‘Dave’. He followed us around for a bit and realized we might be awhile, so he left to help some people who came in after us.

Mom found a couch and a chest of drawers in less than an hour. I felt like shouting out “We Have a Winner”! If you recall our last furniture shopping trip just gave us all a bunch of tired feet after several hours of looking and driving. I’m feeling very optimistic at this point. She found two couches she liked in record time and quickly decided she much preferred the second one. After finding the chest of drawers she was afraid she wouldn’t remember where it was, so I asked Larry if he would find Dave. In a short time he came back with Dave, only it wasn’t the same guy. I looked at Larry and he very slyly said “his name is Dave too.” I chuckled and not wanting to get the first salesperson upset I explained to this guy that someone was already helping us. He assured me “all was well” and introduced himself as “Dave number four”.  It was a huge store, but I still found this a bit amusing, four “Dave’s”…

He was a nice guy, not pushy at all and mom really liked him, which is a huge plus. She pulled me aside to let me know that she was going to be making an offer other than what the asking price was. I just responded by saying “ok” and added a quick comment that they probably wouldn’t change the price and let it go. Remember, mom is 86 and that is how she likes to do business. If something cost a quarter she will offer you a dime and hope’s you will sell if for fifteen cents. It’s sometimes amusing and other times embarrassing.

We went back to sit on the floor model of her new couch and Dave began writing the invoice. Mom’s first approach at lowering the price was to ask if they offered a Senior Citizen Discount. They didn’t! Next she asked if the decorative pillows came with the couch. He laughed and said “sure”; he would throw in two pillows. Then he showed her that the price included two pillows. The couch was already marked down to $349.00 but mom wanted another $50.00 knocked off. Needless to say she didn’t get any discounts, but she liked “Dave number four” and she liked the items she picked out, so we headed to the back of the store to pay for her furniture and finish the paperwork.

In the meantime….Larry had found a really neat little storage cabinet he wanted for our office and while Dave was at the counter he leaned over to me and said “if you can get him to knock $50.00 off of that cabinet, we will get it”. I am cracking up, he has been hanging out with mom too much. I told him I would try but didn’t think I would be successful. As soon as Dave came back I told him I wanted to show him the cabinet and that we would purchase it if he would reduce the price by $50.00. He laughed and said he couldn’t do that but wanted me to show it to him anyway. So he and Larry took off and mom and I followed behind. When we caught up with them, Larry was standing by the cabinet by himself. He said “Dave went to check on something”. Mom was getting tired so she had sat down nearby to wait on us. Dave came back with a half-poker face and half-grin. He said that was a discontinued item and we could purchase it for $50.00 off and it would be the floor model which we were looking at. So we got a $300.00 cabinet for $250.00. I didn’t dare tell mom, I was afraid she might cancel her order. 🙂 The delivery charge just for mom’s two items was $89.00 and from the furniture store we were only about 30 miles North of Tulsa. We all thought that was high. Since we were getting ours delivered with hers we told mom we would help with the delivery charges and take her to lunch. That made her happy.

We left the furniture store and went to the Lanna Thai Restaurant. Larry and I had  KHAO  PAD  Lanna  Thai  fried  rice  with  choice  of  chicken,  pork  or  beef,  egg,  green  peas, carrots,  onions  and  tomatoes,  topped  with  green  onions. Served with fresh cucumbers, lime and clear soup. I had mine with pork and extra hot for my spiciness. Larry had his with Chicken and medium hot. Mom had ON-SHORE  SEN-LEK  TOM-YUM  Noodles  with  choice  of  chicken,  pork  or  beef, bean  sprouts, and crushed  roasted peanut, topped  with  crispy  wontons,  green  onions and cilantro. She ordered hers with beef and medium hot. We had a very relaxing and absolutely delicious lunch. We caught our second wind and off we went again to another furniture store; this time looking for bookshelves.

We had more good fortune at the second store. Mom found a very nice bookshelf for her living room with sliding glass doors. It had to be ordered and should be here in two weeks. We will pick that one up to avoid another delivery charge, this place wanted $75.00 to deliver and $10.00 to set it up. Larry will take care of the assembly too.

So, for the three of us, today’s yesterday was a “present”, and all of our “today’s” are a gift.


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  1. August 26, 2009 at 6:10 pm

    When we want furniture, the Wife starts looking around the various thrift stores. Can’t remember the last time we actually bought something new from a furniture store.

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