As The Deer Pants…

IMG_0006 As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God. Ps 42:1

I have read that when a deer is weary from being hunted that he/she will search out a place of water, such as a river or creek and that it will stay in the middle of the water, being careful not to touch anything that he could leave his scent on, and sometimes will even submerge his body in the water, except for his eyes and nose. The deer, being exhausted, is hot, tired and thirsty and pants after the water as a place of safety. Doesn’t that paint an appropriate description of the above verse from Psalms?

I know many times when we get caught in the heat while walking, I become hot and dry and ever so thirsty, and when I drink my water it is refreshing and ever so welcome. Have you ever been so thirsty you can hardly stand it, yet you‘re far from anything to drink to take away that longing your body is craving for? I have and I feel panicky when I find myself in that kind of situation. The desire to quench my thirst suddenly becomes priority, looking for and longing for. “Panting for”

The Psalmist writes that “his soul pants for God.”  We need water to live physically and we need God to live spiritually. Our souls should be panting for him, desiring to feed on his Word continually. So many times, we neglect what we have at our fingertips, choosing instead to do things that are enjoyable yet they really don’t bring us any kind of accomplishments or real satisfaction. Yet take it away and we become obsessed with having it. Is this not true?

Can you imagine if our bibles were taken away from us? I know my soul would be panting to have it back.

When I neglect God I start filling myself up with other things. Sometimes they are harmless and other times they are quite dangerous. The more I fill myself with things of no value, the more restless and unsatisfied I become.

There is nothing sweeter than deep personal communion with God. I can be in the deepest pit, yet if I start reading my bible I am directed to passages that fill my every longing. I am amazed over and over with those experiences. It starts with one….me …and ends with two….me and God. It’s real, it’s personal and it is intimate.

Worship is a stairway on which there is movement in two directions; God comes to man, and man goes to God.

Christ can never be added as an afterthought to an already full and committed life. It’s possible to attempt to use the Master and his power to fulfill our desires and plans for the people we love and still give him the one position he will not accept: second place. (from 1001 Quotes)
(The picture of the deer is in our back yard, I took it last fall).

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  1. August 21, 2009 at 10:52 pm

    There are two contemporary songs about this verse that we sang at Long Beach. “As the Deer” and “As the Deer Thirsts.” Both are favorite songs of mine, particularly the second one, but I really have a difficult time singing those words when, in my heart, I know I often do not pant for His Word as the song and psalm expresses.

  2. August 21, 2009 at 7:56 pm

    I love this post, Janice. The Psalms offer us SO much direction, inspiration, and encouragement. And how often am I guilty of trying to give Him second place as is stated in that last paragraph. Thanks for your thoughts and for that quote.

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