What's That I Smell?

I am often stirred by my sense of smell, and I have always had a very sensitive ‘sniffer’.  Certain odors stimulate memories past, some repel me and seem to have a direct connection to my gag reflex, yet others alert me to possible danger, like smoke, gas or ammonia.

I love things that smell good and often wish I could bottle them. Saturday, Larry and I took a trip to our nearest farm supply store, approximately 20 miles east of us.  As soon as we walked in, the smell of freshly popped popcorn permeated the air. Immediately my taste buds snapped to attention. Almost everyone stops for a bag and it’s FREE! I didn’t get one, I wanted one but knew I didn’t really need it, so that time, I was able to resist.

Some of my favorite smells are….the way the house smells when all the goodies that go into Thanksgiving dinner are cooking, fresh cut lavender, a baby straight from the bath, bacon, rain, freshly mowed grass, leather, a pot of beans cooking, the list goes on.

Certain odors that repel me are manure, skunks, anything rotting, vinegar, bad breathe, and sulphur, just to name a few.

Odors are able to trigger both pleasant and unpleasant memories.

In the Old Testament, sacrifices/offerings were repeatedly mentioned as a sweet aroma or sweet savour which pleased the Lord. In that sense I imagine that our acts of obedience would be as a pleasing aroma and our acts of disobedience would repel him.

Daily as I struggle to fight the good fight, I pray that I will be that “living sacrifice” holy and pleasing to God. I pray that my actions will go up to him as a sweet aroma.

What’s that I smell?