Life and Songs

I enjoy many different kinds of music, especially music from the 60’s through the 80’s. Song lyrics are almost always a reflection of someone’s life experiences. Even today I can hear a certain song and it takes me back to a moment in time, sometimes happy memories, other times not.

These are some of the songs that reflect various stages of my life.

Teenager in Love, Only The Lonely, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.  I’ve had days of California Dreaming and A Hard Day’s Night. During my times of rebellion, using drugs and alcohol, the following song titles would have described me… Eight Miles High, Strawberry Fields Forever, Blowin’ In The Wind, Tracks of My Tears and Dazed And Confused. Fools Rush In, Pistol Packin’ Mama, Straighten Up And Fly Right, Walking The Floor Over You, I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry,, Blues Stay Away From Me.

By my choice to sin; I survived many wasted years and thankfully I grew weary of that way of life. I was full of bitterness and anger. As I look back, I thank God that he spared me, allowing me time to repent. Rom 4:7-8 Blessed are they whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered. Blessed is the man whose sin the Lord will never count against him.” I am amazed that my sins are forgiven, that the Lord will never count them against me. Why?? Because on a scale of one to ten, when it came to sinning I was a ten.

Rom 6:-23 For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.  We all know there is pleasure in sin; otherwise we wouldn’t find it so enticing. Now, I choose to focus on the gift of God .When I look back it isn’t because of missing my past. It’s because I’m thankful for my life now, my life as a Christian. I try each day to reflect the love of Christ in all that I do.

1 John 2:5-6 But if anyone obeys his word, God’s love is truly made complete in him. This is how we know we are in him: Whoever claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did. The last part of that sentence is powerful. If we claim to live in him we must walk as he did.

How many times have you heard someone say “and you call yourself a Christian?” That must have been someone “Talking the talk” and not “Walking the walk”. Granted, the accuser of such statements likely needs to take a look in the mirror as well. We must be careful though to let our lives reflect Christ, or our influence will not draw others to him.

I sing new songs now and one of my favorites is:

Servant Song

Lord, make me a servant Lord, make me like You: For You are a servant, make me one, too.  Lord, make me a servant, do what You must do to make me a servant; make me like You.






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  1. douglasryoung
    April 30, 2009 at 6:54 pm

    Thank you for sharing your “choice” with us! Very encouraging!

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