Creeping-Crawling Critters

I wrote this post a couple of years ago. Since it is the time of year for ‘critters’ I thought I would share it today.

I have a huge fear of bugs, and God surely knows. I am always thanking him for keeping me out of harms way with the critters. I can also tell you that my morning shower and 2 cups of strong black coffee is plenty good enough to get both my eyes open and my blood pumping sufficiently. This morning was a bit different…I thought I would have to call 911, but I was too busy holding my heart trying to keep it in my chest.

I had been up for a while and was on my second cup of coffee when I walked toward my bedroom to “fluff” my hair a bit. Anyway lo and behold, crawling across my living room floor, or I should say running at a high speed was a ferocious looking centipede. Shining black with orange legs. Did I mention there must have been about a thousand legs? Talk about a walking laxative!!

Well…being the chicken that I am, I ran past the demon on my floor and flew into the bathroom, told my very naked husband (he was in the shower) he had to “come and see this” now! Well he knows by my near hysteria that this is serious business and he jumps out of the shower and follows me into the living room, and I must admit, he was quite impressed with this monster. I handed him one of my flip-flops and left him to kill the villain, but then I remembered my glue boards and asked him if he wanted one… and he did!

I could hardly get one out of the package my hands were shaking so hard, but the instant I did, I handed it to him, (from a safe distance of course) and he managed to coax/force that many-legged critter onto the glue board. By this time Larry has forgotten that he is stark naked and proceeds toward the back door to dispose of the monster in the outside garbage. (My hero)

Being the loving wife, I reminded him of his present state of undress and he quickly passes the glue board off to me, so I bravely (yeah…right) took it to the outside garbage.

Needles to say this incident aged me at about 10 years. I now wish I would have taken a picture.

Life in Oklahoma is never dull.

And what purpose do these serve???

Gen 1:24 And God said, “Let the land produce living creatures according to their kinds: livestock, creatures that move along the ground, and wild animals, each according to its kind.” And it was so.